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October 30, 2010
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Disclaimer: I don't own Kuroshitsuji, or the characters in this story. I simply wrote out the scenario in pure boredom. XD... like all of my other stories lol

Pairings: Ciel/Sebastian

Note I: This is an AU Kuroshitsuji story, where Ciel's parents are still alive, but very unkind individuals. Their unkindness turns on their son after an unfortunate mistake is made on Ciel's part. The story develops from there. Don't like? Don't read.

Soundtrack Inspiration: Pan's Labyrinth - by Javier Navarrete

"M-Mother! Look!" Ciel exclaimed excitedly as he pointed to a toyshop window. The Phantomhives had ventured into London on a particularly gray, overcast day. Since his parents had a bit of business to attend to - as well as make a regular 'scheduled' social appearance in the city as a family - Ciel was brought along. Sebastian was also ordered to escort the family, while Tanaka stayed behind at the estate.

Ciel loved going into the city with his family, since he assumed it would force his parents to at least be civil to him. "I see it, Ciel." She scolded as lightly as possible. "But don't go running around. You're to behave like a proper boy today."

"I know." The small child smiled eagerly. "Can we go in later?"

Vincent stepped forward and grasped his son's arm, "No. You'll do as your told, or you'll sit in the carriage until your mother and I return." He threatened. "Understood?"

"Y-Yes." Ciel agreed with a disheartened expression.

It was then, however, that Sebastian stepped forward and bowed respectfully. "If I may, my lord?" He spoke up. "Perhaps you and Lady Rachel would prefer to take care of your duties alone? I do not mind watching over the boy while you attend to business."

"Very good." Vincent nodded, as his wife took his arm. "We'll return to the carriage in a few hours. Ciel... do not cause unnecessary problems for Sebastian." He warned.

Ciel nodded quickly and blushed as his eyes fell to the cobblestone road beneath his feet. Why did his father always think he would be such a problem? Was he really that bad of a child?

Apparently he was...

Looking back up, the boy's single blue eye watched as his parents began to walk away from them; they were smiling again at one another. Ciel couldn't help but yearn for the days when they ALWAYS used to smile like that. Even at him. But they rarely smiled at home anymore, especially when in his presence.

"Bocchan?" Sebastian spoke up finally, placing a large hand on the top of the boy's head. "Would you like to venture into that toy store?"

But Ciel shook his head. "No." He refused. "I just want to go for a walk." He sighed regretfully. He couldn't help but wonder if his parents just wanted him to grow up, to be an adult, so they didn't have to take care of him anymore. He was always eager to please them - so if they wanted him to start looking after himself, Ciel was determined to try.

As the child began to walk down the gloomy, bustling street - Sebastian dutifully followed behind him; his crimson eyes curiously focused on the boy. He couldn't help but wonder why he'd changed his mind. He possessed a strong little soul... that much was clear. Most children would have broken down after such abuse, but Ciel just seemed more compelled to prove himself.

It was an admirable quality that Sebastian found himself drawn to.

As they headed into a busier square of the shop district, Sebastian hung close to Ciel. He seemed to be in a bit of a daze. "Bocchan..." The butler called gently.

"Good sir!" A loud voice interrupted Sebastian's thought. Looking to his side, he distastefully looked at his arm, which was being clutched by a ragged looking man. "Please! Spare just one shilling!"

Sebastian curled his lip into a small snarl, "Release me." He growled. "I spare nothing for pathetic beings."

"P-Please! A pence! A shilling! Anything!" The beggar insisted.

Narrowing his eyes, Sebastian gave the man a small, effortless shove. "No."

Turning back, his eyes sought out Ciel... but didn't see him. "Young master?" He called as his crimson eyes darted around the crowds. But still, he saw nothing. "Bocchan!" He yelled louder.

For a brief moment - Sebastian felt a sting of panic. It was strange, because really, he didn't know the boy THAT well. And being a demon, he should only care about one thing: devouring and owning that child himself. So where did this 'concern' suddenly come from? Moving through the crowd quickly, the dark, tall figured fluidly moved through the streets searching for the child.

'It would be much easier if I'd marked him...' Sebastian cursed inwardly. Of course 'marking' Ciel at this point was impossible. He needed to form a contract with the boy in order for that to happen. But unfortunately, Ciel was too young to understand such a weight - and he couldn't lure the child into his nest just yet.

A single drop rolled down his cheek, and Sebastian turned his eyes up to the sky. It was beginning to rain. Furrowing his brow, the demon turned his eyes back to the crowds and tried to hone in on the boy's scent...

Ciel, meanwhile, had been so lost in his own thoughts on how he could 'grow up' a bit faster and impress his parents that he didn't realize Sebastian had stopped - deterred by a beggar.

The small boy weaved his way through the crowds, and only came to a stop when he felt a few drops of water hit his head. Frowning, the child turned his exposed eye upward to see it was beginning to rain.

Scrunching his shoulders up a bit, Ciel turned, "Sebastian, can w-" But the boy gasped when he realized Sebastian was not behind him. He was alone. And as the rain began to pour down harder, Ciel was bumped all over the place by rushing adults who were trying to get out of the sudden down pour. Whimpering briefly to himself, Ciel became more disoriented the more he got pushed around.

Clutching his arms close to him, Ciel made a run for it, and dodged out of the busy street and into a neighboring alleyway. Soaking wet now, the boy pressed himself back against the brick wall of the alley - hoping to find some refuge from the rain from the small overhead roof-lip above him. Shuddering as he began to feel cold from his damp clothes and the cold rain, Ciel's good-eye stayed on the ground.

What if no one found him? What if he stayed lost like this forever? While any normal five-year-old's imagination might run away with them in such a situation... Ciel had ACTUAL reason to believe that no one would care. His parents would probably be relieved if he disappeared.

It was an odd feeling... and Ciel began to have a slight revelation as he stood there shivering in the rain alone...

He didn't have anyone.

His father had talked about survival in both business and wealth - and despite his age, Ciel was beginning to slowly understand that.

As a simple example, Ciel knew he could just stand in the alley, alone and wet... or he could try and do something to protect and better himself. Maybe there was no better time to start acting like an adult? With a determined little look, Ciel wrapped his small jacket around his wet frame tighter, and prepared to leave the alley in search of someplace warm. But after taking only a few steps, he bumped right into someone else...

Gazing upward, Ciel saw a rather unkempt, ugly man staring down at him. Before he could move, the man grabbed him by the front of his collar. "Well, well... looks like a little prince got lost in the street, huh?" He chuckled in a menacing tone. "Fancy coat. Nice shoes. You little rich brats make me sick." He spat. Looking Ciel up and down, he grinned, "You probably got some money on you, boy," He mocked. "A little allowance from mummy and daddy, per'aps?" He slurred angrily.

"I-I don't have anything," The boy stammered nervously. But Ciel remembered what he had just promised himself: that he would try and be more of an adult. Furrowing his brow, Ciel lifted his chin a bit. "Release me. I am C-Ciel Phantomhive!" He said in as big a voice as he could muster.

The scoundrel laughed heartily. "Aw, look at the lil'crumpt, tryin' to be big and strong." He sneered. "Phantomhive, huh?" He repeated, looking Ciel up and down again as he strengthened his hold on the child. "You'd fetch a pretty penny, wouldn't you?"

Ciel glared, and sent a hard kick to the man's left shin.

Snarling, he retaliated and pushed Ciel roughly to the ground. The boy couldn't help but cry out in pain, since the whipping and wrist injury he'd gotten from his father a few days prior were still healing. Just as Ciel was recovering, he felt the vagabond's hands pushing him around on the ground as he routed through Ciel's pockets. "L-Let go!" The child yelled desperately, trying to punch and kick as hard as he could.

"Shut up!" The man snapped angrily.

But his rough handling didn't last too long. Within moments, Ciel heard his attacker cry out in surprise as he was thrown off the boy. Looking up as his temper flared, the scoundrel's eyes and strength faltered a bit as he saw a tall, dark-haired figure standing over him. His eyes were a blazing crimson color... and seemed to pierce right into his soul.

Narrowing his eyes, Sebastian shifted his gaze from the man's face to the man's his arms.

Ciel's large blue-eye shot open when he heard a blood curdling scream come from his attacker, followed by the sound of bones breaking. Sitting up, the child saw the rough-looking man sprawled out on the ground, howling in pain; both his arms were twisted in the wrong direction.

And between them... stood Sebastian.

His butler tilted his head and glanced back toward the soaking child, still sitting on the ground. Calmly, he turned and began to walk back toward Ciel. "S-Sebastian?" The boy stammered, curiously looking up at the dark-haired man.

The servant didn't say anything. He simply bent down, and picked Ciel up in his long arms; holding him close. "Are you hurt, bocchan?"

"No..." Ciel said, instinctively wrapping his arms and legs around Sebastian like he always did, though this time, it was for warmth. His chilled, soaked clothing was starting to get to him - and Ciel buried his face into Sebastian's neck in search of heat. Surprisingly, Sebastian's skin was warm, despite the fact he was just as soaked as Ciel was.

Sebastian couldn't see or smell any blood on the child, so he had to trust his word that he was indeed ok. "Perhaps we should return to the carriage, young master." He suggested.

"No." Ciel argued quickly as his small brow furrowed. "I... don't want to." He continued.

The butler tilted his head as he stared down at the boy in his arms. "But we don't want young master to come down with a cold, do we?" He asked rhetorically. "You are soaked to the bone, bocchan. And a Phantomhive butler that can't keep his master warm, isn't worth his salt." He purred.

When he received no response from Ciel, Sebastian began to walk down the alley, in the opposite direction of the bustling street. He could at least take his master for a little walk before inevitably bringing them back to the waiting Phantomhive carriage. "You did a very brave thing; standing up to that man, bocchan."

"Y-You saw me?" Ciel asked nervously, like he was expecting to get reprimanded.

But Sebastian merely smirked contently, "Yes. It was the first time I've seen you stand up for yourself."

Ciel lowered his eyes, and rested his head between Sebastian's neck and shoulder as he allowed himself to be carried in the rain. It really didn't bother him so much now that Sebastian was holding him. The arms of his butler were the one place Ciel could say he felt safe.

"I think... mother and father want me to grow up faster." Ciel admitted sadly.

The conversation intrigued Sebastian almost as much as watching Ciel stand up to that scrounging vagabond who had attacked him. While retaining the same, delicious soul... Sebastian had noticed that the boy's aura had shifted. Something was different, and he wasn't sure what; but the familiar scent of 'revelation' seemed to emanate from the child he desired.

And revelation like that could only further Sebastian's cause...

"But you are only five, bocchan." Sebastian countered. It was too tempting not to play devil's advocate. "You have a lot of growing up left to do. No point in rushing yourself, my lord."

Ciel watched the brick walls pass as they wandered through the back alleys, which surrounded the London shops. "I don't want my parents to hate me forever," The child said longingly. "T-The faster I grow up... the more they will love me."

"That is possible." Sebastian agreed in a lulling, deep tone. "But I think bocchan needs to start thinking more about himself... and less about his parents."

The young Phantomhive child furrowed his brow, "B-But... isn't that... wrong? I love them. I just want to make them happy." He stated, a bit confused.

"Why?" Sebastian shrugged lightly, adjusting the boy in his arms. "Would it not be a waste, if you spent your time loving them... only to be ignored in return? When was the last time they said they loved you?"

Ciel opened his mouth, but closed it again. Sebastian had a point; Ciel couldn't remember the last time either of his parents had told him they loved him... or given him a hug... or a compliment, even. "I..." The child began, but Sebastian cut him off and continued,

"I do not want to see bocchan grow up to be weak." Sebastian sighed, as if it were a regretful topic.

The dark-haired child snapped his head up, "I'm not w-weak!" He pouted angrily.

"I am glad to hear it." Sebastian smiled, dipping his nose unconsciously into Ciel's soft, wet hair.

That was all he'd wanted; he had to nudge the boy one step at a time to continue on his path. Ciel's revelation had obviously been that he had to: grow up faster. Take care of himself more.

The demon knew he could slowly begin to shape the boy, and tempt him with independence, strength, and power. Now of course, those are three things most humans desired. But Ciel was different; he would not desire these things out of greed... but rather, out of necessity; out of pride. He wanted to prove to everyone, especially his parents, that he could be more 'dominant' in a sense.

And THAT was what so deliciously appealed to Sebastian. He could almost taste the boy's hunger and determination... all he had to do was take care of that determination, and make sure Ciel didn't loose focus.

"We've arrived, Master." Sebastian spoke up again as he stopped walking.

Looking up from his butler's shoulder, Ciel saw they were in front of the carriage. The child narrowed his eyes, "I told you... I-I didn't want to come back here."

"Forgive me, bocchan." Sebastian said, closing his eyes and nodding. "But your well being is my number one concern. At times, it may call for me to follow my judgment, instead of your own." He explained. "You will catch a chill if we stay out in the rain any longer."

Ciel lowered his eyes and decided not to argue. He let Sebastian take him into the carriage and seat him, before his butler followed after.

An hour and a half later, Ciel's parents returned to the carriage...

And scolded their son for his soaking clothing and dreadful appearance.

Two years.

That was all it took for Ciel Phantomhive to begin 'growing up'... like he wanted.  

It was a difficult task to grow up quickly - but Sebastian had seen it first hand. The boy had started in small ways; he got rid of most of his toys, he held in his tears when his father would beat him, and his remained silent and dutiful around his parents, giving them little cause to lash out at him. Though at times, they would do so regardless. Sebastian was not a demonic being who could be impressed easily, but he could willingly admit, that Ciel impressed him. He took the idea of maturity to heart, and the boy seemed eager to attain it.

His endurance and determination was simply mouth watering.

Currently, Sebastian's seven-year-old master was sitting in the large, estate gardens sipping on his tea beneath the gray sky above. "I'd like something sweet." Ciel spoke up amidst the soothing sound of nature that fluttered around him.

"Dinner is rather close, bocchan." Sebastian reminded him. "You wouldn't want to spoil your appetite, would you?"

The boy paused, tilting his head slightly, "Are my parents going to be in attendance?"

"Of course." The butler nodded.

Ciel sipped his tea, before placing it down. "Then my appetite is already spoiled."

"My, my..." Sebastian purred with a small, unnoticeable chuckle. "If only you could say those biting comments to your parents face-to-face... and not just behind their back."

The young Earl lowered his eyes, "I will eventually. But... they're still my parents." He muttered sadly.

As much as Ciel wanted to rebel, he was still rather frightened of his father's wrath. He had decided to try and grow up, and become more self sufficient in the hopes of pleasing them. But still... it was FOR them. Ciel just wanted their approval and love again - as hopeless as it seemed.

When dinner was finally served, Ciel sat at the large table in the dining hall, with his mother and father on either end of him - while he was positioned closer to the center. As expected, dinner was a quiet, awkward and tense affair. His parents always looked so unhappy while they were around him, and it bothered Ciel to no end.

Their silent dinner soon drew to a close, and as Rachel and Vincent began to take their leave, Ciel stood and followed them toward the entrance of the dining hall.

"Am I that horrible?" Ciel blurted out quietly. His parents stopped in the doorway, and slowly turned toward him. Rachel still had a glass of wine in her hand, while Vincent just stared down at his son. "I-I want to move on... I only want you to love me. Like you used to." The seven-year-old admitted. "Cecilia's death was an accident. I... I didn't mean t-"

Ciel immediately stopped speaking as a cold, burning liquid stung his eyes and dripped down his face. Slowly opening his one 'good' eye, he stared at his mother - completely stunned. She now held an empty wine glass, after dousing her son with the rest of its contents in a fit of rage. "Don't you dare speak your sister's name!" Rachel hissed with tears already lingering in her eyes.

The boy began to breath faster and faster as his blood pumped; he was quickly becoming filled with an embarrassing rage. They never let him finish, they never accepted his apologies; it was becoming painfully clear to Ciel that they had already made up their minds to hate him. Gritting his teeth together, Ciel drew his hand up before he could stop himself... and slapped his mother. It wasn't a hard slap by any means, but one induced by a seven-year-old's tantrum.

But that small bout of retaliation didn't last long, and Ciel found himself knocked backward by the backhand of his father - which came crashing across his pale, smooth cheek. Looking up at them from the dining room floor, Ciel shook as he saw Vincent's eyes blazing at him, while his mother's were filled with sad, angry tears.

"We don't have a daughter anymore..." Vincent reminded the both of them coldly; his face void of emotion.

Turning, he began to head out of the room with Rachel once more... before he stopped, and turned his head to the side slightly, so he could see Ciel out of his peripheral vision.

"...Nor do we have a son." He finished in a scathing, low voice.

Ciel's mouth hung open in shock... and he could do nothing but watch them walk further and further away, disappearing into the depths of the mansion.

Scrambling to his feet, Ciel ignored the stinging pain in his red cheek, and the tears streaming down his face - and ran. He burst through the back doors off of the family's conservatory, and into the quiet, evening gardens. Night had already fallen, and a chill wind was whipping through the air, but still, Ciel ran.

He hated his life... but more so, he hated that his parents hated HIM.

The night air seemed to numb his tear streaked cheeks as he ran through the labyrinth of forestry, foliage and flowers that surrounded the property of the Phantomhive mansion. He had no particular destination in mind... he just knew he had to run. He had to outrun his humiliation, his grief, and his heartache.

As Ciel's legs began to weaken with exhaustion and despair, the boy collapsed onto the cool grass. He stayed on his hands and knees for a few minutes, panting and trying to catch his breath and fight back more tears.

"Are you hurt?" A smooth voice wafted from the surrounding shrubbery.

Looking up with a startled gaze, Ciel's eye landed on a tall, dark haired gentleman. At first, he thought it was Sebastian - but on closer inspection, he noticed this particular man wore glasses... and his eyes were a curious golden-amber color. But still, he certainly reminded Ciel of Sebastian.

"N-No." Ciel snapped angrily, turning his face away as he got to his feet. He didn't want to show weakness in front of anyone anymore; he hated feeling so small and powerless.

He could faintly hear the man's feet brushing through the grass as he took a few more steps toward Ciel. "I know things seem hopeless right now," The man purred. He instinctively reached his hand out... almost to the point of touching the back of the boy's head - but stopped mere inches from it. "But I can help you, Ciel..."

Hearing his name, Ciel whipped around to see the mysterious stranger standing closer to him than before.

"H-How..." He stammered nervously. "How do you know m-my name?" The child asked.

The man smiled, "I've been watching you, Ciel. Your heartache wafts through the air, and your bottled up woes are more exposed than you think." He soothed. "You're an... alluring... creature..." He whispered, tilting his head as he looked over the boy.

'So small... yet so strong...' The man thought hungrily to himself. 'So much potential... So pure... so alluring...'

Taking another step toward Ciel, the man knelt down in front of the child as he licked his lips. "I could give you anything you desire, Ciel..." He whispered. "Anything at all. I can make you rich... I can make you powerful... and I can rid you of your parental burden."

Ciel's eyes widened at the last suggestion.

"Do you... m-mean..." Ciel began tentatively as he lowered his cerulean blue eye to the ground.

But the feeling of the man's lithe fingers lifting his chin up brought the child's attention back to the dark-haired gentleman. He was smiling. "You don't need to feign innocence around me, dear bocchan," He purred. "I know you've thought about it. Would your life not be easier if your parents were gone?"

"I-I..." Ciel choked out a sob, shaking his head as he tried to understand what he was being offered. This man was willing to kill his parents? How? Why? He didn't even know him.

Before Ciel could say anything more, he felt a pair of strong, long arms wrap around his body. Crying out in shock, Ciel felt himself being bounced and jolted around quickly, before everything was still. But those arms were still latched strongly around his torso, and he felt himself pressed up against a warm, familiar broad chest.

Opening his eye, he saw it was Sebastian holding him.

"S-Sebastian?" Ciel gasped. Looking over, he saw the stranger was still standing in their gardens - but he was further away now. How had Sebastian whisked him away so quickly? Sebastian's crimson eyes were in a dead lock with the stranger's amber ones. And while silence filled the air... young Ciel couldn't help but wonder if they were having a conversation, regardless of the absence of words.

Suddenly, Sebastian took off. He leapt high into the air, and began bounding back across the estate property toward the mansion; effortlessly holding Ciel tightly in his arms as he moved from branch to branch amidst the trees, before finally landing on the forest floor again in a dead run.

"S-Sebastian!" Ciel yelled in a fearful, yet angry, tone. He couldn't help but wrap his arms and legs around Sebastian's waist and shoulders; for fear that he might be dropped at such a terrifying speed. But the butler offered him no verbal response, and instead, tightened his strong arms around the child as a reassurance.

When they finally slowed to a halt, Ciel found himself back in front of the mansion. Sebastian set the boy down on the stone steps, before he knelt in front of him; his ruby colored eyes were intensely focused on Ciel's large, blue one. "Are you hurt, bocchan?" He asked seriously.

"What?" Ciel frowned, shaking his head. "N-No, I just..."

But his butler interrupted him, "You are never to run off like that, bocchan." He scolded in a low voice. "And you must never allow yourself to be tempted by unannounced strangers."

"Y-You were an unannounced stranger!" Ciel argued childishly, his little temper flaring as he tried to pull himself out of Sebastian's arms.

Yet the dark-haired young man did not let up. "I am your butler now, my lord. You are in my care and I will not permit you to be stolen from me." He growled possessively.

"W-What?" Ciel choked back a confused sob. He was so unsure of all this; his emotions were still fluttering in his stomach from his previous encounter with his parents - but the mysterious stranger and Sebastian's behavior were just confusing the boy all the more.

Sebastian ignored the boy's question, and held him in his arms, "Tell me what he said to you, bocchan." He instructed as calmly as he could.

"He... he said he could h-help me," Ciel began to explain, furrowing his brow. "He said he could make me powerful, and... rich... and... get rid of parental burden," Ciel recalled, using the stranger's exact words. It was hard to forget; Ciel was sure they were engraved into his skull at this point.

Sebastian's eyes seemed to flare, and without warning - his grip around the child in his arms tightened, and he bounded up, swiftly climbing along the Phantomhive mansion, until he reached the top peak of the East roof.

"Sebastian!" The child stammered, shocked and fearful. "H-How did you do that?! What's going on?!" He asked anxiously.

The butler didn't answer, but instead sat on the slanted roof; placing the child in his lap. "Do you remember, bocchan, when you asked me if I was magic?"

"Y-Yes." The boy answered quietly.

Sebastian nodded, "Then you also remember, bocchan, when I asked if you trusted me?"

"...Yes." Ciel whispered.

The dark-haired man let out a deep sigh as his crimson eyes pierced into Ciel's large, cerulean blue one. "I wished to wait until you were older, bocchan," He lamented gravely. "But the arrival of that stranger was an unfortunate circumstance... and I am not prepared to loose you."

"...W-What?" Ciel whimpered, shaking his head. The child had never felt so confused.

Lifting his hand, Sebastian grasped Ciel's chin in his fingers, and forced the boy to look at him. "I can give you whatever you wish, bocchan." He purred - his words immediately reminding Ciel of what the previous stranger had just offered him. "I want a contract with you. I will loyally serve you, and carry out your every wish... in return for your soul."

"My... soul?" Ciel repeated quietly in awe. He looked down at himself, and placed a hand over his chest. It was an incredibly innocent and naïve gesture; as if the child thought his soul was a 'physical' thing, near his heart.

Sebastian felt another stab of guilt, but ignored it - lifting Ciel's chin to make the boy look at him again.

"Yes. Your soul." He clarified. "I can free you from your burden, my lord. I can avenge your hurt... I can make your parents suffer under your hand, just as you have suffered under theirs. You can be free from their hold." He lulled gently. "Your parents despise you. You know this. This evening, you attempted once more to offer your apologies, your deepest regret... and were only met with a splash of wine, and a strike to your cheek." Sebastian reminded him as a long finger gracefully trailing down the child's smooth, yet still irritated, cheek.

Ciel's heart began to increase and beat at a rapid rate. He knew what Sebastian was saying was true - but it still hurt to hear the truth spoken so candidly.

He had wanted so desperately to believe that he could still fix everything. That he could, in due time, make his parents remember that they loved him; that they should love him. But his mind continued to flash the evening's events before his eyes: his mother, staring at him so bitterly and coldly as she threw her wine in his face. His father striking him, and saying aloud that they no longer 'had' a son.

Shaking uncontrollably, Ciel began to cry; clutching his small hands to either side of his head - like he was trying to squash the memories out of his mind.

"I could free you, bocchan," Sebastian continued. "Your torment could end with a single phrase. I will bind myself to you until the contract is complete. I will help you bring the strength that flickers within you come to the surface. I will make you strong."

Ciel's eyes closed tighter. What was he to do? Who did he have, if not his parents? Sebastian was the only person close to him now...

And as young as vulnerable as he was... Ciel knew a part of him had already given in. Given up.

"Speak, bocchan," Sebastian whispered, lifting the boy's eye up to meet his own.

The child trembled in his arms, and shakily, nodded, "I... I want... a contract..." He choked out.

"And what are your terms, my lord?" Sebastian nodded slowly, unable to tear his eyes from the boy.

Ciel inhaled a shaky breath amidst his tears as his clouded mind attempted to focus; lured by his unruly emotions that were a result of the evening. "I... want my p-parents to suffer!" He yelled angrily, pounding his small fists against Sebastian's broad chest. "I... I want them to feel h-how they have hurt me! I want them DEAD!" He wept.

"And when is this to be completed?" The demon asked.

The child paused, seeming to calculate a reasonable time in his head, before his fists closed around Sebastian's jacket, and he clutched to him while he cried. "F-Four... four years..." He breathed slowly. "T-That is how long... I have been unloved..." Ciel cried, squeezing his eyes shut angrily as the tears continued to stream down his cheeks. "When I am... eleven..."

"Very well." Sebastian soothed, dipping his nose into the child's soft, dark hair as he huddled against him in his lap. "I will dismantle them slowly over the next four years... and torture them, as they have you." He repeated; diligent to make sure the terms of their contract were clarified. "In your eleventh year... I will rid them from this earth. And when that is complete... your soul will be mine." He explained gravely.

Pausing, Sebastian's eyes flickered a brighter red for a moment. "Do you understand?"

Ciel's eyes had opened as Sebastian spoke, and slowly, his tears had subsided. To the boy, his soul was already damaged beyond repair. He did not see it as desirable, or sadly 'pure' as Sebastian did... no, to Ciel, his soul was worthless.

In his mind, a good soul would be one untainted by humiliation and grief. His parents had sullied him.

Though it was clear that Sebastian begged to differ.

"I understand..." Ciel answered finally.

Raising the child's chin, Sebastian stared into Ciel's eye as it shimmered - and looked up at him in the most defeated, exhausted way possible.

Another sting of guilt pierced Sebastian.

He shouldn't be doing this. Demon or not, he knew it was against the rules to 'lure' a soul into a contract... especially a soul as young as Ciel. But his original plan had to be tossed aside the moment he'd seen Claude.

Sebastian was not about to let that damned, interfering spider take Ciel from him. He had no choice.

"...Make the contract." Ciel whispered sadly.

Lifting his hand, the butler gently caressed Ciel's cheek, and slid his fingers beneath the boy's eye-patch - removing it with his lithe fingers, so his damaged eye was revealed.

Placing the palm of his large hand over Ciel's damaged eye, the demon's eyes turned from crimson - into a bright violet color.

"...Yes... my lord..." Sebastian purred.

A jolt of pain suddenly shot through Ciel's damaged eye - and he screamed in absolutely agony, before blacking out.

When Ciel opened his eyes, he found himself in the comfort of his large bed. Night still draped itself outside his window, though the moonlight pouring in provided enough light for the child as he slid out of bed. Moving over to the large mirror against the wall - Ciel looked at himself.

And it was then that he noticed his damaged eye... it was different. There was a design in the middle of his pupil; the color was still blue, but there was certainly a mark there. Tentatively, the child stared at his own reflection as he lifted his small hand to touch his eye.

"It is the mark of our contract." A soothing, familiar voice came from the shadows, across the room.

Ciel didn't need to turn away from the mirror to know it was Sebastian. He continued to stare at his reflection while his butler walked over to him. "I thought discretion would be better suited. Placing our mark on your damaged eye allows you to hide it from view. It will remain hidden by your eye-patch."

"Do you have one?" Ciel asked quietly; still transfixed by his eye.

Sebastian nodded, "But of course, my lord." His teeth grasped the edge of his white glove, and tugged it off. Holding up the back of his hand for Ciel to see - Sebastian displayed his identical mark. "We are bound together now." He purred.

Ciel lowered his eyes and looked back at his reflection.

"...Are you a demon?" The child whispered.

Sebastian tilted his head with a slight smirk, as he pulled his glove back on. "What would draw young master to such a conclusion, I wonder?" He asked; it wasn't a serious question, but a baited one.

This child's perception never ceased to amaze and intrigue him.

"An Angel would n-never do such a thing." Ciel deducted quietly. "I-I don't know what else you would be."

The butler took a few more steps until he was standing right behind Ciel's small body in front of the mirror. "So you believe in God, bocchan?" He asked, honing in that the child had brought up Angels.

"Once..." The boy muttered. "But... if there was a God... my parents would love me. S-Someone would love me." He shuddered sadly.

Sebastian stared at the child's reflection. While Ciel could appear so regal and strong... he had moments where he still appeared as nothing more than a lovelorn child - perplexed by the world and it's cruel fate. "You should return to bed, bocchan. It is rather late."

"Do you love me, Sebastian?" Ciel asked, as if he didn't even hear his butler's previous statement.

Leaning down at the waist, so his head was right alongside Ciel's, Sebastian reached his arm around the child, and grasped his chin between his fingers. "Yes, my lord." He purred with a small smile - as their eyes stared at one another in the reflection of the mirror.

"...A-Are you lying?" The boy trembled, but did his best not to let apprehension show in his features.

Sebastian didn't answer; he could only stare back at his young master as the smirk on his face slowly disappeared.

Standing back upright, Sebastian placed a large hand on Ciel's small shoulder, and guided him back toward his bed and away from the mirror. Lifting the child effortlessly in his arms, the demon placed him on the mattress comfortably before tucking him in.

As Ciel stared up at his butler silently, Sebastian did the same, looking down at the small boy with a vacant expression. Reaching down, Sebastian's fingers lightly brushed some dark hair away from Ciel's forehead, before the back of his fingers continued on down the swell of his tender cheek.

The young Earl's eyes suddenly felt heavy and warm... and just as he drifted off, he heard Sebastian's faint voice finally answer:

Characters (c) Kuroshitsuji

This is an AU story I've been itching to write. There will be later Ciel/Sebastian.

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
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